Introducing Rani by Raja

BY Nimi ON 1/9/2017

40 years ago, House of Raja was the brave endeavour of a family re-building in the wake of Idi Amin. A family that saw an opportunity to give access to Indian culture to the many families living in NW England who found themselves estranged from a life they once knew. We quickly became a community pillar for shopping, eating, meeting and greeting. Underpinned by fundamental values of inclusiveness, open-ness and a passion for making Indian culture accessible to all.

Over the years we've brought Eastern culture to the West and taken Western culture to the East.

However, the family baton is now being passed to the younger generation when it comes to the couture side of the business. We've noticed a change in what people like, we have a point of view on what we think is stylish and modern, so we're starting a new dawn for the boutique clothes side of the business.

We're representing the women on whose shoulders we have stood; strong, independent, open minded, progressive yet incredibly humble and understated. Resilient and powerful. The women who taught us the foundations from where we have come and yet have been our springboard to shape a new modern day chapter.

Introducing Rani by Raja.