Slow Fashion, Slow Style: Made to Measure

BY Nimi ON 22/6/2019

One of our founding principles as brand was to counter fast, disposable fashion.. clothes that last maybe one or two wears.

RANI was built on principles of slow fashion and slow style.

Our philosophy and production centres on creating effortless, well fitting silhouettes that can be paired with (and become) wardrobe classics.

One of our fastest growing services is made to measure; how it works

1.     Sample pieces, we don’t generally have a lot of stock, we have sample pieces of our new collections, you can see and try (we’ll clip them to fit)

2.     We take your measurements; in an industry where there is no consistency in sizing and fit, we make it to fit you.

3.     We take up to 6-8 weeks to deliver; so it really is SLOW fashion, made to last.

It is the antithesis to fast fashion, it means you have to think about your buying habits a little differently, don’t always buy for an event or party, buy pieces you know you’ll get wear out of.

Buy pieces you know you can style in imaginative ways, it means you’ll get more cost per wear, think about how you can pair them with some of your wardrobe classics, factor this into how and what you buy.


To find out more about how our made to measure service works, email [email protected]