Our clothes aren’t just about looking good, they’re meant to feel good too.

We design for real life, that means the clothes have to be designed to be comfortable and practical.

We asked a lots of our customers what their biggest pain points were when they shop for higher end luxury clothes and developed these principles to try to make sure we’re addressing them.


Pockets, pockets, pockets. All our clothes, have to have pockets


All tops and blouses need to fasten in accessible ways, not at the back where you have to struggle if you’re on your own


Every piece of clothing has to have proper hooks so they can hang properly


Designing for lightness & movement. We choose fabrics like raw silk, which still give a beautifully elegant silhouette but are comfortable to wear

Tailor made

We do ready to wear and tailor made. No one body is the same shape or size, the industry size standards are far and wide and sometimes its just easier to get something made that is perfectly tailor made to your shape and size.