"It's not where you're from
it's where you're at"

You might not expect a fashion brand
rooted in artisanal Indian craft
to introduce itself with the words of a Mancunian indie star,
but there you have it:

Rani is always about challenging expectations.

The expectations that shape us
– cultural or regional; family and friendships,
by generation or gender
– are part of what makes everyone unique.

They’re the story of where you’ve come from
– but should never define where you’re going.

We believe in the power of fashion
to challenge expectations,
cross borders and push boundaries.

We believe in it, because we’ve lived it.

Growing up British Asian in the North West of England
was a whirlwind of accumulated influence
and contrasting experience:

Enjoying Kishore Kumar and Michael Jackson;
Sholay and the Goonies.
Experiencing both diversity and ignorance;
eating daal and chips.

What we wore was just one of the ways
we slipped between cultures:
jeans and tees, lengha suits and saris.
But as we found our own way, we found our own style
– borrowing from both to make something new,
true to us and tailored to our style.

It’s how we find ourselves right here, right now:
Curating the best of incredible Indian designers
and creating original pieces through a British Asian lens.

It’s where the spirit of the East
meets the soul of the West.

It’s about defining identity and sharing it.
Deeply felt yet unashamedly accessible,
Rani is born from our experience
but it doesn’t belong to our experience.

The collections we curate and clothes we create
are for anyone with an open mind and a wild imagination
to wear anywhere and combine with anything
with absolute freedom.

There’s no appropriation
where there’s real appreciation.

It’s about opportunity for women around the world.
From India to Lancashire via Africa,
We come from a family that spans continents.
This global perspective is why we’re committing
proceeds from Rani to support women’s charities.

We’ll always remember the bigger picture.

For big days and long nights,
From the noise of the street to high society,
for Indian weddings and – yes – for any wedding.

A little from here, a little from there.
From us to you, and wherever you take it next.

Welcome to Rani by Raja:
Spirit of the East, Soul of the West.